Just one of those weeks.

A pretty eventful week this. Started with Easter following with April fools day where loads of gags were played by people around the world. Even Google got into the act by posting videos of different and unique things which some people believed them to be true. A couple websites also started posting news which targeted movie/music fans and all. That was one eventful day because of the loads of gags that were posted on social media and other info giving websites. 

I spent that day studying for my supplementary exam while a close buddy of mine went and wrote his own supplementary. It was funny because its not common that an exam comes up on April Fools Day. There could have been gags made of that too. The day after was my exam day where i gave it my all in hope to pass and focus on the semester and the subjects in this semester.

Today was another mixed day where classes were not in full force. Such was the inability to concentrate, that it amounted to the professors themselves losing interest in teaching. Added to that one of my classmates did a clumsy act and hurt herself pretty bad in the process while in the other corner of college there was a small personal tragedy for one of the students. Towards the lunch break me and my football team played a league started in our college which resembles the Club Leagues in international football. It was a fun 30 mins and tiring too. We were unfortunate to lose to a good team 5-1. 

In all this i cannot forget to mention the actual Champions League football that happened today and yesterday. 2 great matches yesterday. PSG 2-2 against Barca with Beckham making a start for the PSG outfit. The other was a Juventus-Bayern match which the Bayern team won 2-0 in the Fußball Arena München Germany. Today it is Real Madrid vs Galatasaray and Borussia Dortmund vs Malaga. With this football flavour, cricket was back in action in the form of IPL with Delhi Daredevils playing Kolkata Knight Riders. KKR won comfortably chasing the 129 put up by DD. 

Tomorrow is the last day of the week and i cannot wait for it to finish, longing for the weekend to come which is a good needed 2 day break from the hectic schedule of college. So its been a mixed week full of entertainment and seriousness at the same time. Exams, Sports, Gags, all in one package that doesn’t happen every other week necessarily. To all the people out there enjoy the rest of the week and the weekend. Cheers. 


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