Parents. Without them one is nothing

If there are any 2 people one should be thankful and appreciative of for their efforts is the parents. They are the reason you are born and they are reason you become what you are known for today. I have seen a couple instances where people have said they don’t like their parents and have written absolute rubbish against them. I had 1 instance too but my friend made me realise it is the biggest mistake to make.

Parents are the main support in your life. They are first line of offence and defence in your life. They will help you forward and they will support you when you fall back. It is quite unfortunate that in some places they are the least appreciated and in some countries the children refuse to keep them in their old age. Without my parents i wouldn’t know how to behave,speak and interact with people. Without them i wouldn’t know half the things to do in different situations. 

Their support is one of the most important and influential things in a young one’s life. They go on to define how the this young kid will be when hes all grown up. They have the hard task of teaching behaviour, ethics and conduct at different places. They are in charge of giving moral support so we can increase our confidence and head to the outside world away from the comforts of family and our home. 

So never even think of speaking bad about your parents because in the end they will be the only ones with you the most compared to any friends, peers, colleagues, faculties etc. They will always be there when you need them and they will always be the first 2 people in the world to love you for who you are and support you for what you want to become. Without them one truly is just a compass spinning aimlessly having no sense of direction. Be appreciative and love them no matter what they do. 


One thought on “Parents. Without them one is nothing

  1. So true Shre 🙂 Completely agree 🙂 Wish everyone thought the same way as this. I remember even when I was in uni the ‘gang” I knew always talked bad about their parents, as if they r torturing their lives. Very well written 🙂

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