Should people change their Ideologies with time

Disclaimer: In this post i don’t mean to offend anyone and this my personal opinion and can be disagreed to.

A very pressing and debatable topic nowadays. People changing their thought process with time. Here i mostly refer to religion and tradition. As much as we all follow a religion and our family has its own tradition, the question that begs to be asked is, should we change our stance and live with the present times. Is it time that we broaden our minds and change with the times regarding these 2 aspects which no doubt were law back then but now a person cannot always follow due to the changes around him.

The main topic that recurs here is the  volatile subject of marriage and all traditions linked to it. Before in old times as we have heard from our parents countless number of times there was a certain protocol to be followed for marriage starting from the person and his background to the type of function and dates for it and stuff.

All said and done is it time that we should open our minds and realise that what was done at ease back then is not possible to follow 100% to the book right now. People around the world are mixing in terms of connections and at least to me i feel that its time we change our traditions and learn to adapt to the present times. We cannot continue with cast-ism and the society as a whole needs to know that just because 2 different people from different caste and religion have married that its not the biggest sin in the world.

I believe its the society that drives the parents to make certain decisions in these 2 sectors that will keep the family status in the high. Time for the society to be broadminded right ?. Maybe its asking too much possibly but i think people can understand where i am coming from. I think the young generation should have the freedom to choose who he/she wants and probably also what he/she wants to do with their life.

The other main thing is in terms of education. This really happens in majority in Indian families. There is a general stigma that a girl is a doctor material and a guy is engineer material. If not these 2 commerce is the 3rd option. But when a guy or girl says media or arts or humanities, everyone stares and treats the person as if an alien is in their midst.

Generally according to what i believe is that religion and tradition should never restrict the life you want to live. One person at least in the present times cannot always stick to the book or be the orthodox type people were years ago. The people’s thoughts are evolving, the environments are evolving, the society also should evolve. Broad minds can do wonders and plus there will be less issues within families.

As far as i am concerned i have adopted the thought that i will try my best to follow the book but if i cant i don’t want people to hound me and attack me public-ally and treat me as a social outcast or even treat my family as a social outcast. If that’s the case i find that utter nonsense and my advice is GROW UP and LIVE IN THE PRESENT.


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