And no politician gives a damn

And no politician gives a damn

393. Yes you read that right 393 in the starting 3 months of this year. Rape cases are at a all time high in the capital of India. To top this off the police and politicians are not giving the slightest of a damn about what is going on in the “CAPITAL” of our country. The shame that brings to all the residents and NRIs that call India their home country with pride. 

The politicians and police claim they are the here to give the residents a sense of tight security in the land they live. These 2 factions should be giving their all in terms of keeping crime rate low but as we can see that stat above, it isn’t police are giving bribes to parents to keep shut about a crime and having the audacity to tell the parents that at least the girl is alive. Really is that how the attitude is of the law makers and police. I for one am really appalled by the amount of crime that is in our country and the sudden rise of rape cases is very worrying also. 

A few of my friends are thinking about going back there and furthering their careers but now are very reluctant to even think about stepping foot there. Its really a disgrace that we have such politicians and such corrupt police officials. Yes the worst part is that we only vote for them and they do the wonderful backstabbing. Eating money of the country and keeping all the luxuries to themselves. Rich getting richer and poor getting poorer is a very apt statement that links to the image of our country at this point and as a Non Resident Indian i don’t have any reservations saying that my country is never going to reach a better state. What politicians talk is all propaganda for them to get voted back and we the public are a fool to give them those votes believing in their false promises. They then get back to power and eat up the money and back-stab the residents.

The state of our country is a very sorry state to say the least and i for one believe it will never change. Even the people have lost hope that the government is capable of bringing the country to a better state and improving its image. This state of the country will never change and i will have second thoughts to go back there and live and second thoughts for even letting my parents go back there.

I was proud of my country at one point of time and i really believed this country would be a fun place to live in. But going by the latest amount of activity in the country i have lost hope on the country and it is all because of the incompetent  government that runs our country and the corrupt politicians and police that reside in the country. I feel bad that all the pain the freedom fighters and all the sacrifices they made have been equated to nothing except the fact we are an independent country and that’s all.


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