Happy Mothers Day MOM

Its mothers day yet again. I sometimes wonder how many are there in 1 year. But the one that is sure is that i don’t need a day to tell my mom how much i love her. If it wasn’t for her i would not be alive on this planet in the first place.

Although going by the trend i will say that for me my mother has been the best mom i could have asked for. Shes always been there when i needed her and i know that i can confide in her whenever i have a problem. Shes helped me throughout my life in many aspects. From friend problems to education to sports. I sometimes wonder whether i can ever repay my mothers sacrifices in her early days so that i could live how i am today. She taught me everything which a mother was meant to teach her child. The respect that i should have for others and mainly the respect i should show my elders. She even taught me not to be a short tempered hot head and always think before doing any actions. My whole personality has come as a result of my mothers influence on me in my early days. 

So i owe it all to my mother for who i am today. For the good influences she has had on me and for teaching me the right and wrongs of life. There are no words to tell how much i thank and love my mom for that and with this is i say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM. You are the best mom i could have had and thank you for everything. 


2 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day MOM

  1. rheamenon94 says:

    Very well xpressed shrey!!… gr8 thoughts…:D

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