Match fixing

Its a sight in sports frequently nowadays. Its in football cricket and god knows how many other sports. 2 forms Match Fixing and Spot Fixing are the terms reverberated in recent times. While 1 deals with the whole match in itself the other deals with a specific event within a match. Its roots were since over a couple decades ago and they still continuing till today. Should be counted as the job that earns the fastest money and in bucket loads but once your caught then your life is as well finished.

The recent IPL spot fixing scandal has sent shockwaves throughout the cricketing fraternity in india and everyone is waiting to see the final verdict on the accussed people who range from the underworld to former players to now even the team management of the teams playing !!!! Day by day new names are being taken the area being increased of the suspects. There are chances that this is far from over but now the peoples trust on this tournament being a entertainer is being diminished due to the fact that internally this tournament as a whole might be fixed and it would already have been decided who will win the Final on sunday. Such a drab it will be though because the fun of the whole thing killed by this hunger for betting and earning wads of cash.

Apart from this even the legends of the game who are in some of the teams are devastated by the fact that their team members could resort to such tactics. Its like the team managment being delivered a cheapshot/low blow when they had trusted the players in giving thier 100% for the team.

Its far from over though and the next couple of days could define the future for the IPL program and how much people will be willing to watch it after all that has panned out in the past week and half. Match Fixing though is never going to be eliminated as a whole because i dont see anyone really wanting to hunt down the root of it and stopping it. Only on the surface are the authorities talking of dealing with it and all such nonsense. Truth is no one gives a damn to stopping it and so no one will be bothered. If it was the case it should have been finished by now.


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