Never go by a Plan. It may never work out that way.

Best things in life are not scripted. A familiar saying but one that i take very seriously. All these years all my best moments with my college mates have come in times when we just randomly decided to do some activity. Everytime we planned for something, everyone backed out citing reasons and well in the end it flopped.

Today was no different. I had my usual set of internal tests for the semester and then had a little rush hour work to submit in a lab record for one of the subjects. Along with that the usual formalities of college before being allowed to write the finals. So with all that done my college day ended but the fun was just about to begin.

I managed to meet up with 3 of my friends at different times and we all had a hell of a time with all the trolling and all the blonde moments which were creeping in at moments out of the blue. we also spent some time at a mall doing some time pass and searching for various items whilst even having dinner there. On the way back we split in 2’s and we both went and picked up another friend who had just finished her masters class. But the fun never ended till the last minute when we all were back at home.

So simply put we never planned this for today but it just seemed to fall into place and all 5 of us had an enjoyable day. So for us now its like a mantra that we NEVER plan anything in advance but just randomly decide to head to some mall or go to someones place for a LAN party or Xbox party and stuff like that. The moment we start planning everything falls to pieces. Eventually such spontaneous decisions work out for us and we all in the group end up having a blast of a time together.Always worked wonders for us that way.


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