Summers in the UAE

Its that time of the year again. With all the cool that lasted well over its usual range of months this year it could only mean one thing, It was going to get bloody hot when the summer rolls on. That is exactly what has happened. The month of June known in the UAE for its peaking summer temperatures has arrived. Temperatures are rising to the high 40’s touching 50 and going over in some areas. The coastal areas are slightly cooler but it really does not make a difference. 

To give you a little insight let me give you a small example. I drive a Toyota Yaris, it is light blue in colour and it’s got a fairly medium percent of tint (stock from the dealer as allowed by police). In the afternoon in-spite of the light shade colour and tint, it still gets hot like oven. The a/c speed requirement is a level 3 on a 4 level scale and still in the 30 mins i take to reach home from college, my car refuses to cool down. At home it has become a compulsion to keep 2 out of my 3 a/cs on throughout the day so that the house stays cool. Going outside for walks in evening also is difficult task due to the high humidity factor and the heat. Night temperatures are in mid 30’s. I think that is indicator enough to show how bad it can get during the day.

People suffer with heat strokes more often then not and also sweat in minutes after going out. It is not a good sign that the temperatures going so high with the month of Ramadan about to arrive, it makes the lives of the Muslims a little more challenging. I give my full respect to the Muslim people in this country  for this because in such heat it is not the easiest job to fast from sunrise to sunset. 

How people are wishing at this time that the cooler conditions experienced late last year and early this would come back soon. The heat is truly unbearable but thanks to the A/Cs people are somehow managing to beat the heat by staying cool. Taking baths at home also is difficult because the cold water heats up pretty much. But one of the most important places to go on weekends in this weather is either the beaches or the water parks where swimming in the comparatively cooler water will keep the body temperature cool and thus the heat will not affect as much. Still how people would love the chilly weather of the winter right about now. 

Although the academic calender in this country is such that most schools and college close by this peak heat time and all people go to the subcontinent to enjoy the monsoon weather or go to other countries where its cooler and avoid most of the months of this heat.

My suggestion which is also the most common sense is that stay indoors and stay cool. Drink lots of water since dehydration will happen pretty fast and don’t go out unless really necessary. Also in the light of recent incidents that have occurred here be sure not to leave kids or animals locked in cars as it may result in death due to heat. Stay cool and stay safe.



One thought on “Summers in the UAE

  1. I just came from outside, and I can’t relate more to your post. Damn hot yaar, and unbearable. You are right Ramadan will be tuft heh. You tc of yourself too and nicely written 🙂

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