PS 4,Xbox 1 and the E3

All the reviews and reactions are out on the web. Kotaku, IGN and other websites have sounded off their views on the consoles. Well every gamer on the planet was waiting for the E3 for one reason only. To see the Xbox 1 and its features and how Sony responds to the challenge of matching up with it. The end result after the E3, Sony wiped the floor with Xbox 1. Better features and more consumer oriented, No DRM was one of the main reason the Xbox 1 got floored by the PS 4. Apart from that the fact that always online was not really a necessity unlike Xbox 1 where the kinect becomes a spy cam for the xbox people to observe through. The other part was the fact that the Sony PS4 allowed game sharing the usual way its done with the gaming society, just simple pass the CD to the friend and he can play. 

Microsoft with the Xbox 1 made a suicidal move that it very badly regretted at the end of the day when Sony dropped its bomb in a 2 hr + conference. All gamers got instantly pulled to the PS 4 because of the openness of the operation of the console. They tweaked things here and there but made sure the gamer dint have to shell out much cash apart from the games and the console itself. Lets face it the Xbox 1 looks like a toaster and also with kinect always on needing to be a necessity, it kind of killed off all the hype that was around it. PS 4 arrived with a huge hype and it lived up-to it. It came with a new game-pad that included the functionality of a touch-pad and well people really got interested. The game line ups were very good but a true gamer will know its not a complete product. 

Latest news reports as of today have stated that the Xbox 1 will have no drm as well. Well i guess it was only a matter of time before that happened since Xbox lost most of its loyalty due to its priority not being consumer friendliness. So in short if anyone is asking me which console i rather go for. I will show my loyalty to sony and say PS 4. It beats the Xbox 1 any day hands down.


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