The dream that never was

Its been 4 years. 4 years since the day where the hope of a career in the thing i loved the most was never met. When i was a kid i used to fear turbulence but as i grew so did my love of flying in airplanes. I must have flown loads of hours in air travel over the course of my life and in different types and sizes of planes. I have been to 1 air show and collected a lot of plane models over the years out of which only 1 an A 380 of Emirates Airlines remains in my house. I have done air travel to many countries over the past decade and will continue to love air travel over any other form for the future. 

It was quite the unfortunate of a circumstance that i had to dump the idea of ever becoming an airline pilot. Along with that my dad wanted me to be an aeronautical engineer so i will have the best of future in the career that i really loved. Alas 4 years later i am stuck in my backup plan of a Computer Science Engineer, still regretting to this day at the opportunity that could have been.

The only solace i have now is watch Air Crash Investigation with 110% concentration and learn how these airplanes work and how each crash is investigated thoroughly. Although its not even remotely the same as being a pilot or working in that industry at least i can keep looking at videos and learn how each crash case is solved and with that also learn about the vital parts of an airline. It is something better than nothing kind of state.

The dream still resides deep within but the unfulfilled nature will keep me reminded that somethings are just not meant to be. Everytime i step into an airport and an airplane i feel that somewhere in this industry i could have been a small piece. Either flying a plane on a route or even working for an airline company in its engineering department and heck who knows maybe for one of the 2 biggest manufacturers. 

But in the end reality is that i never made it to a pilot due to a failed medical because of reasons that i had no control over. I couldn’t even make it to the industry for the engineer position because of average academic performance thus i end up where i am today. I guess it is what god wanted from me and so i must carry on without looking back. 

A dream that will always remind me of what could have been. For now it is what it always was and will always be, a DREAM. 


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