Time just whistles away

4 years ago i was in this part of the year and heading to India for a vacation before i come back and decide on which college i was going to enter. I am back to this same of the year 4 years later with my course decided and in a couple months about to start my FINAL year of college. 

The time has just flown past like it had no brakes. People i met,friends i made and memories created in these 4 years. But the most surprising part is at the rate time just flew past. These 4 years don’t feel like that length of time, days are flying past months are ending before we even realise it and the clock is ticking as i write this post. 

Although there is a sense that time flies faster during vacation rather than when i have college but to me it really makes no difference because for me time is just flying. Already heading for my final year when it felt like i had joined just a year back. Even for my driving license its the 3rd year running when it feels like i got it just last year. Heck my own car is already 2 and a half years old and my dads car is 6 years old. 

There is a certain feeling that we get when we realise that time has really sped up and we go like, wait wasn’t this yesterday or last month etc. Now for me as a college student i had joined a wonderful batch of students in foundation and when i am entering final year most of them are either already graduated or entering final year with me. 

I sit here wondering whether i made the most of the time i had with these bunch of friends i met because with every passing second i feel that i could have done more, created more memories or had more fun. But alas whats gone past cannot be changed but what remains to come can be, so the ideal thing is to make the most of it before that time also passes away and we are left to regret the fact that we dint do anything with the time we had.

We don’t have the ability to stop time but we do have the control to make the most of what we got. 90-100 years is the max a human can survive on this planet depending on how he maintains his body conditions and all and well nobody on this planet would like to say towards the end on his deathbed that i regret not doing more with my life. For those who become a victim of circumstance, life is left incomplete and for those who with gods grace live towards that final 10 they have a chance till then to make the best of what time they have.

My dad is pretty optimistic about completing a 50 country tour by the time he reaches his retirement age and he expects me to do so too. Time will only tell what figure we reach until that time but since we do have time again why not maximize the potential with something constructive.

In the end time does not wait for any one of us and so we must make sure we use what we have to the best of our ability. Time is a very precious commodity and its playing a huge role in everyone’s lives so remember to value it because its something you will never get back.


One thought on “Time just whistles away

  1. Enjoy your final year to the fullest Shre 🙂 All the best for it, study well and enjoy yourself too 🙂

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