A Small Regret

My life has come to the point where i still wonder what if i i could have that 1 chance to do that 1 job i really wanted to do. That dream i would have given my life for. Alas god had other plans and it transpired to what it is today. I do regret that i couldn’t do the job i really wanted to do but instead doing the 3rd choice job that i am currently working for. I cannot blame anyone because no one including knew how it happened but it was by fluke that me and parents realized that it was not something small. 

Well that dint stop me from actually taking the medical for the pilot classes. Unfortunately they said my defect was a big issue and they couldn’t pass me fit. Salt to the wounds were that there were a set of people with physical defects who were getting licenses and it was coming in news. It hurt me but i dint let that be the end of my life. Dad said go to an aviation college and do aeronautical engineering. That also fell through. So ended up pursuing the next best thing i am fairly good at. Computers. Computer Science Engineering Degree. About to start my final year, i look and really think what if i got what i really wanted. It would have been the best thing i could have asked for. But for now its only a regret that i live with.


One thought on “A Small Regret

  1. Vinit Sadhwani says:

    It’s a little relieving to know that there are other people on the same boat as me. Don’t regret anything, take it as it comes and make the best out of it. That what I live by. I like your blog. All the best man!

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