We ride together, we die together

Metaphorically of-course. But this is how me and my closest friends have been. The 1 set of people who i have always put everything on the line for and who have equally done the same for me are the ones i dedicate this post to. I don’t know what i would have done without them. They have stuck up for me, they have been there for moral support, helped me in my bad times and enjoyed with me on my good ones. I couldn’t have asked for better friends on any given day and i am thankful to god that i met such people in college who i can always bet my life upon. It is the level of trust that defines the friendship of our gang and that’s the best part of it. No one ever expects anything more than just being there for them and that’s why i love them all. Whenever i needed someone to talk to, one of them stepped up and made sure i was ok and some others went as far as to pull me out of the house so i was out in fresh air and then would tell me how to deal with the problem. 

Guys you know who you are so i need not mention any names but really you guys are the best and i will never forget you all. 


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