One year on…

So, sitting here in the cooler conditions of India with no work to do, i thought of writing something on my blog. As it turns out its been 1 year since i started this blog and WordPress reminded me of that. Wow 1 year already and my hit count has reached 800 +. When i first started i had no goal and no expectations of who and how many people might view my blog, but as it turns out my friends and family have liked what i have written so far and some are telling me to continue writing. 

Some comments on posts have made me realise that some people have a similar flow of thoughts while some have argued against. I do not mind the criticism of my post because we can all learn from each other right. I owe most to a friend of mine who told me that if i wanted to convey something better on a blog than a notes page area on Facebook. 

I never started this blog in search of popularity or any thing of that sort. This was a way for me to just write my opinions on matters relating to life and my personal experiences of what i have been through. Its thanks to my viewers that i have got encouragement to go further and write as much as i can. 


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