2014 is 3 months away.

Well we are well into October of 2013 and that only means that 3 months remain to 2014. Not many of us will remember everything that we did this year. Some will go as far to say that we did nothing memorable at all. While there are others who of course will have done loads of parties and trips and what not, still 3 months left to 2014 and i sit here wondering what did i do for the last 10 months. All i remember is college exams and India vacation, apart from that nothing else of substance. No concerts, no big picnics with friends groups, only a few birthday parties of some of my closest college mates. 

It feels like this year has just flown away like the wind but well 3 months left. There is still time to make a big memory from this year. A couple concerts later on in December or even the local F1 race. Something of that stature will be enough to be labeled a big memory. 

Such is these days that now people are on the lookout for things to do that can be memorable. Staying in the GCC and especially the UAE that is hard to achieve. Everything amazing here is where wallets have to be emptied and credit cards should be at hand. Skydiving, Paragliding and even water parks are at expenses where going every weekend is not the ideal possibility. 

Anyways 3 months to the end of the year, hopefully me and the rest of you around the world will do something memorable to make this year one of the better ones cause heck we survived the Mayan prediction right :P. So yea make the best use and lets end this year also on a bang and welcome 2014 with a huge reception. 


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