Facebook and Friends Lists

Facebook is the most popular social network site in use today. So much so that people prefer it instead of going out of the house to meet the same people. Conventional conversations are losing its importance with the advancements in the social network and communication technology. Smartphones/Tablets/Phablets etc are the hardware in use for communication or if on a PC its either Facebook, Skype etc.

I have a friend who reminds me on a regular basis how important is conventional communication to your own improvement and for others as well. There are always things that cant be expressed over the internet. Also that same friend has a certain belief which i totally agree to that words expressed in person are more meaningful than what we talk on social media. Emoticons and other graphics do not really show the true story of a persons reaction or feeling towards anything. 

I believe that to an extent social media is good if we are keeping in touch with people far away. Here’s where i get to the friends list part. As i was advised by a friend, that if people never chat to u on a regular basis, keeping them on your friends list is a pointless exercise. People who really care about you and who converse on a regular basis are the only ones who really deserve to know what we are up-to. For the people who are least bothered, we should discard them out the window. The ultimate choice belongs to us as to what we want to do with our friends list, but i realized that having 500 odd friends of Facebook is a waste because i end up chatting to a maximum of 10-15 only. So whats the point of the rest 400 odd being able to see my daily activity, we are not a show that they should only watch. So taking my friends advice i did clear my list and now have skimmed to only those people who are regularly active on social media with me. 

Its been enough that people are given a chance to stay in touch but as years progress everyone thinks about themselves first and others later so its bound to happen that half the people in the list are busy with profession and private lives but just are in your list cause you know them. I don’t see the point of that anymore because if they really thought you meant something there will at least be a once in a while contact but that doesn’t seem to happen so out they go. Yea the other argument is if you are free to chat why don’t you keep in touch instead of just staring at our updates. Here’s where its a limbo. A deadlock situation is the worst because well nobody will go up first, but there’s also the part where people are just not bothered because their group has changed over time.

So as far as social media goes, i have learnt lessons and also i am working my way to make social media a smaller factor in my life because conventional communication is the best form. As for friends list on social media, its a matter of this 1 line: “You keep in touch i do likewise but if u don’t bother, out you go”. No questions asked.


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