Hakuna Matata :D

Kenya was my most recent stop for my globetrotting activity which has been on since i was 5-6 years old. About 20 countries done until now, this country in Africa was one unique experience.

Known for the area Masai Mara and for its wildlife safari experiences this 5 days short tour was just a refreshing experience. Seeing the big 5: Leopard, Rhino, Elephant, Lion and Buffalo was one of the main aims for the wildlife safari in Masai Mara. The weather was also very kind with cool mornings and evenings and little heat built up in the noon.

It was an opportunity to see animals in their habitat up close and boy was it worth it. The hospitality by the locals at the hotels and lodges was also a warm sigh to see. In-spite of all the recent downs the country has gone through not much has changed and its still safe for tourists to go provided they follow the guidelines.

My advice is to go for the experience and enjoy it to the fullest. Its a sight to behold 😀


One thought on “Hakuna Matata :D

  1. I am tempted to visit Kenya now :(;)

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