Its crackers season

Well its that time of the year where all people from the Indian subcontinent bring out their bucket loads of crackers and go fire happy. Diwali has come and its out in full force. India is the one country that goes mental for this day of celebration of lights sweets gold and crackers. Every Diwali season begins with the day of Dhanteras where we people go buy gold since its considered one of the better days to buy. This year the better part is that Diwali is for 5 days straight so for 5 whole days people will be ringing out the crackers in full force. Pencil crackers, dancing crackers, scores of dynamites, poppers, spinning tops and rockets will blown everywhere in this region.

In India its a party all night long as people will burst crackers for what seems like an eternity. All kinds of crackers big and small just to celebrate this 1 day of the year. The festival known for lights, sweets and crackers which is a very important one for the Indians altogether. Everyone will wear the best traditional clothing they can buy, kit themselves out in gold  and call people for cracker parties and burst all night long.

For a country like the UAE its very liberal from the governments side to allow bursting of crackers. Albeit its banned but that rule is let slide because its once in a year and there are not many major accidents. Although there have been small cases of police intervention but that does not discourage the Indian fraternity that is here in majority in this country. For a game like India and Pakistan in cricket the roads become a party place for celebrations. Although this isn’t the same in terms of people out to burst crackers but every building is lighted to the max and more than the building its the area that gets covered in scores of lights for every flat. 

So with this auspicious day i wish everyone a Happy Diwali around the world and god bless you all and your families. Burst crackers and go nuts :D. Enjoy the day


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