My college life.

I have heard this a lot. College life is the best life for a student. Those will be the days that define the rest of your life. You should have fun as much as you can along with the studies.

5 Years on i sit here in a class and regret that i got stuck up here. Taking a computer science engineering course was something i thought i would enjoy. But professors and other factors have made this a very difficult time. College life was about having fun and enjoying the studies and all other activities.

So far all that i have done is got stuck sitting in class, i even had to give up playing for the college cricket team because of the pressure of daily classes from 8-4 and labs. We hardly got breaks to go and relax because even at our free time there was always work to do and lab records to finish.

So much for enjoying college life when you cant even get a break for 5 mins in the day. Me and my friends look at the other colleges like Heriott Watt and wish that we were there instead of here. Those kind of universities define college life the best. Yes its more difficult because the system is like that but at least its not all about books and study and classes. 

Our department clearly lacks college level thinking. Its more of a high school where attendance is a big factor and 8-4 military class timings. Its just sad that i had to watch my 5 years of what was supposed to be the best part of study life wash away with regrets and anger built up over many issues. By the end of this academic year, provided i clear all my subjects, i will probably be happy to leave this place albeit with regrets but happy nonetheless. Its been like torture to stick around here for 5 years doing foundation and then engineering. Probably i should have chosen another course because its nothing more than a high school.

Inspite of all the criticism i give my department for how it functions, i must say that the other courses in this college are actually good. They have the minimum facilities required for almost all the courses but 1 should expect the best possible for the big money shelled out each year to study here.

But for now i sit here wondering what did i do for the last 5 years in college. Answer so far is just sit and rot in classes all day long. No extracurricular activity in over 3 years and only coursework after coursework. A shame really  for me to say that my college life was not what everyone told me it would be. And that is due to my stupid mistake of choosing the wrong dept in the wrong college. Oh well just this year and i am done. So might as well just get done with it.


One thought on “My college life.

  1. Finish it off 🙂 ASAP, and trust me you will be proud of yourself by the end 🙂

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