Dubai in Double celebration this weekend

That’s right, this weekend is going to a double celebration for Dubai and the UAE as a whole. The reason for this double celebration is because of Dubai winning the Expo 2020 bid which will solidify their presence to the world and also following that celebration is the 42 National Day for this country with the “Spirit of the Union” tag that they pride on.Ā 

There was a whole load of fireworks yesterday from the Burj Khalifa as a celebration to the Expo 2020 result that was declared at 8 30 UAE TIME. The public was out in numbers to see the display that happens usually only once in the year but this time it will be twice.

Expo 2020 may mean it will be tougher for the expats to survive here but for Dubai its a big step to show what they are made of. Also a 6 month exhibition on which approximately $25 billion will be spent to set up the city. It took quite a bit of impressing from Dubai for it to be the other 4 contenders in Izmir, Sao Paulo and Ekaterinburg. It has made history with the expo being held in the middle east region for the first time. The competitor realistically was only Ekaterinburg,Russia but for the middle east region spot it was head to head between Dubai and Izmir,Turkey. In the end Dubai won convincingly with 77,87,116 votes in the 3 rounds respectively. So in 7 years time we will see a Dubai ready to welcome billion odd people over the 6 months. But does winning this bid ring alarms in the expat community. only time will tell. Until then everyone is celebrating in grand fashion.

National Day is always a colorful event where the UAE takes pride in celebration the 7 emirates union for 42 years this time. All cars will be decorated with stickers and spray paint and roads will be flooded. While malls and stores will have discounts on all items they sell. 2nd December street will witness a parade as is the custom. The city will be decked with lights and some building even lighted in colours of the flag. Proud moment for the locals and for the expats who have lived here long enough to join in the festivities of the country they call their second home.

So in 7 years an Expo comes to town and in 8 years Spirit of the Nation will reach will touch the 50 year mark. Days of huge celebration in the future. But for now let the festivities and enjoyment begin.Ā 

Have a wonderful extended weekend. Cheers šŸ˜€


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    How true is this, and I feel so special as it all coincides with my Birthday weekend šŸ™‚

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