A blessing of god.

Everyday if anything good happens to us we look to thank god first rather than anyone else. If living situation improves, or we buy something expensive we will thank and remember god for giving us the opportunity to earn enough to afford that commodity. 

I look back and wonder hows times have changed and how much i owe to my dads hard work and sheer dedication. Every promotion and every thing that we look to afford is a result of the good hard hours put by dad and with some help from god to reward him with a better lifestyle now.

I still remember when dad used to tell me that affording 1 car was a big deal. Now there are 2 cars in the house and that is a result from gods blessings on my dad. Big houses, big cars, good salary and lifestyle all have a hand from god apart from our hard work that we put in. 

As my mom says god only helps those who first help themselves and make an effort in their work. As for all the hard work the rewards are reaped aplenty. Increments, bonuses etc are all rewards for the effort and hours being put in. But above all god is watching and making sure no efforts are wasted.

So its a lesson for all of us that if we give it 110% all the time, we will get rewarded well too. That is life, without effort nothing can be achieved and no rewards can be claimed because the people or company to reward us are run by humans but overall their actions are defined by god and he always puts a balance in a persons world.


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