Life and Death- A story written by god.

People come to life and people die. Everyone loses someone in their lifetime due to some reason. But what we must come to agree is that our lives are a story written by the ruler of the all things existing in today’s universe. when we come, what we do for those set of years, how or when we die are things that are not really in our control. Destiny and fate are decided by god and not by us. All we do is make choices in our life that sets up something for the future. How and when we die is something that is never in our hands. Whenever someone dies i just wonder that was it their fate that led them to such a death. As technology increases we are trying to find new ways to stop any disease or a health condition becoming a dead end for the patient. New cures, new machines, new therapies to treat every possible health issue is the priority of many governments. 

Inspite of every little precaution taken still people end up dying. Accidents can be prevented loads of times with loads of safety features and precautions from driver, transport department of the city, car manufacturers, still people end up getting killed. No matter how much you try and prevent any type of accident of any form, in the end something will go wrong and it will end your life. This is fate. We believe god sends us to this world to do some deeds that he has assigned us. He ends our lives when those are accomplished and most probably re-sends us to do another set. Some religions definitely believe in this kind of thought. 

So Life and Death is definitely a story written by god and everything is in his hands. We call it fate when someone dies and destiny when someone achieves something exemplary but who knows this was already written in the stars for us. 


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