2013 is gone and 2014 is here

The last year was filled with a lot of ups and downs. There were times when i had a blast and times when i got blown apart. But all in all it was a fair year honestly. Its life and ups and downs happens but with 2014 finally here, there are certain things i would like to sort out in my life.

2014 brings a hope of many better things to come and hopefully with gods grace i will graduate as well finally ending a 5 year stint of college life. Although i missed the firework record by a mere 10 mins i still got to see the starting salvo and the rest i caught up on Youtube. The wee hours of 2014 were spent on the road stuck in traffic. Inspite of a average 2013 it ended in the most comical fashion thanks to dad pulling a new trick to get some food quickly. Going into a drive thru on foot and ordering food was a tactical masterpiece i should say cause i skipped all the traffic of people on the counter. Such was the mood of NYE that the car behind dad was making sure dad got the order and if not was willing to bring dad into the car and do it the right way. 

So with the commencement of the new year and my birthday 26 days away, also a possibility of  a new car in the family, I am hoping that this year starts off on a positive note and carries on being memorable for the right reasons. 

Happy New Year Everyone and may you all have a brilliant and memorable 2014.


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