That is the number plate of the new car that dad bought 2 weeks ago. For all car fans out there its specs run like this: 4.6L V8 and with a monster 138L (34 Imp Gallon) tank. Boy does it drink that quite fast.

In the 2 weeks its already finished 1600 kms on the Odometer and had its 1000 kms service. Its been taken for a long drive and almost all its features are known to us. All that remains is the 4 wheel features for the dune bashing.

The 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser GXR is more like a tank than a car with the off putting LED lights panel that had considerably reduced its ground clearance in the front end. Its supposed to be an aesthetic feature but it just changes the whole look from a muscular beast to somewhat feminine look. The mileage it gives is less compared to the less powerful Honda CRV we owned before but its a smooth ride. Engine noise is negligible and Economy mode is helpful in fuel consumption. Along with that the sensors and rear camera help with tight spots and the most important for us was the body colour.

I had decided it will be a unique colour that we don’t see on the road and that turned out to be the Grey Metallic.  All in all its a brilliant drive so far although it does drink a bit and loads of safety and security features which are quite useful. Hopefully it wont get into any big accidents *touchwood* and we will be served well by it and it will be a part of the family.


One thought on “M12792

  1. Awesomeness, Dhoom machaale 😉

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