IPL Auction

For the cricket lovers the yearly IPL is a tournament with flair, entertainment and lots of International and Local cricket talent on display. Its about 45 days long with 8 teams all vying for the 1 shiny trophy and a huge cash bundle. 

But the more interest is gained also in the player auctions that happen after a couple odd years. Most names go under the hammer ( About 500 or so) and 8 team managements will build a team that they think can win the trophy for them. Players have a base price and bidding occurs on them. Some players can be retained by teams ( up to 5) and this time a Right To Match card was used to give a team first preference on the player who they released but wanted back.

There are always very interesting outcomes in this auction like Maxwell and Tiwary getting high prices in previous auctions and the some franchises playing a game to exhaust money of other franchises by bidding higher and then dropping out. Every team has a purse with a fixed amount they get. Using that they have to build a squad of min 16 players and many other rules are there. But how some unknown talent can get high prices is the unpredictability of it all.

This year its a 2 day event. At end of day 1 we had players like T.Dilshan, C.White, R.Taylor and M.Jayawardene who got unsold and almost about another 100-200 got unsold as teams looked to build around a core and focus on certain aspects. Tomorrow is a day for the domestic Indian players who haven’t yet represented the country to go under the bidding hammer. Here’s where the local talent is going to be battled for heavily as they will fill in the rest of the squad. So to bring a balance and some cheap priced gems there will be a tooth and nail battle of bidding.



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