Final Semester of Engineering.

Finally after 7 gruelling semesters of classes, internals and externals this is where i stand. Into the final semester of the 4 year engineering course and ready to go to the corporate world and work and get experience. 

7 sems have been not been a smooth ride. Encountered a lot of highs and lows. Met many people, learnt many subjects, gained a lot of knowledge in many areas of Computer Science Engineering. If this is anything to go by, my last semester should be no different. A project duration of 4-6 months and that will consist of the full marks in the semester. Although there are some blips that still remain in the form of supplementary but hopefully with better focus and more time to give for them, it should not be a major problem. 

Time has just flown and it feels like i joined engineering like a few months back. Hopefully this final semester will be a happy ending to a story i started 5 years ago after completing 12th. So with a great sense of optimism and a positive thought process, here is to finishing this year with a Bachelors Of Computer Science degree come July 2014. 


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