Finally a working experience.

Its been a week and 2 days but its a experience which will improve my CV. A 4 month internship in Paramount Computer Systems in Abu Dhabi. This will be the first time i get to experience an office environment and network with working class people along with the friends and people i met in college. Its a different environment all together where everybody is busy making calls and working on their laptops trying to solve problems and make deals with clients. I got to meet new people and share ideas with them and brainstorm with them on some new projects they had planned to make. It will certainly be a load of help in the future.

So to 4 months of this internship, hopefully i will get to learn a lot and get to learn how things are done in the corporate world. Its a different thing to the life in education i had for the past 17-18 years.


One thought on “Finally a working experience.

  1. Trust me, this is where the real learning experience begins, it can teach much much more than textbooks and ppts ever can 🙂 Make the most of it, all the best 🙂

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