They say we all make a lot of sacrifices in our life to get places and attain things. It can be in loads of different forms that we sacrifice 1 thing to get another. In business we call it as “opportunity cost”. The meaning is not exactly the same but lies on similar terms that when you give up a benefit of something to achieve something else. Life is also similar, we all on a day to day basis make decisions which are like these opportunity costs. We usually do not bother about the things we ditched because what we achieve might be something greater. But there are some days where we look back and say “what if i chose that instead of this”. Sacrifices can be made for one self or for other people. 

Same way i have made many of such sacrifices, some i feel were good and some i feel to regret. Sometimes the things we sacrifice would have given us probably amounts of happiness because it might be the thing we love but we also must rationalize that sometimes we need something more than just the happiness. Maybe those sacrifices lead us to grow professionally and stabilize our careers and family future then we cannot help but take that. God hasn’t made life a cakewalk and everyone goes through suffering, ‘forks in the road moments” and these sacrifices. Like i told a friend recently ” Life is like 2 stages, One where we get ground to dust possibly and 2 is where we rise from the ashes and prove ourselves in this world that we can survive”. 


One thought on “Sacrifices

  1. Completely agree, as they say, kuch paane ke liye, kuch khona padhta hai. Nicely put.

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