Different forms of Happiness

They say that one can be happy for many different reasons. One can find joy in being charitable or joy in getting a lifetime achievement or even the simple joys of life like getting new clothes, car, home etc. Some people are there in this world that find joy in making others happy and they dedicate most of their efforts towards that instead of your own things because well it gives a sense of satisfaction that the efforts brought a smile on someones face.

We can always think about ourselves and get things that make us happy, but when in a group of friends there’s equal sense of satisfaction when you as a person can bring a smile to someone in that group just by purely doing or dedicating something to them. I will admit that i am one of those. I always feel better when i make others feel good or when some effort that i put in brings a smile to their face. Its like a kind of happiness and satisfaction that can be remembered for longer than something i got for myself. 

Yes everyone’s different and so is the happiness everyone gets on a daily basis. Personal, professional, celebratory etc it comes in many forms but the most satisfying is when one makes an effort to bring a smile to another. Also everything has a extreme so as i have learned, its good to think about yourself also in between and not just solely put efforts for someone else. There is a fine line and it should always be on that line rather than on either side. 


One thought on “Different forms of Happiness

  1. Well said 🙂 So true.

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