War. Is it the only option

Its the year 2014. There are close to 200 countries (not ascertained to 1 value). Its the month of July which is about to end in a weeks time and for the past month was the holy month of Ramadan for the Muslim community around the world. But look in the news and we see several Muslim regions being shelled or engaging in revolts, riots, shelling neighbors etc. Gaza is a situation most popular at this moment and clearly its gone out of hand. A recent shoot down of a commercial airliner in the war zone area of Ukraine will probably end up instigating more countries to start using the nuclear arsenal they have gathered.The nuclear non proliferation treaty has ensured that the nuclear stock of 189 countries is known to everyone.

So it begs the question, has the world reached a state where a WWIII will be the only option left to sort out all the issues or can there be a compromise found for all the smaller fights that are currently going on. Maybe as Nostradamus predicted there is no avoiding a possible WWIII because such are the current shellings and destruction already happening, its just a matter of time when nuclear arsenal gets deployed and billion or so people get wiped off the face of this earth.

Again a question, what will be achieved. Certainly not peace because there will be land imbalance and borders will be shifted. Why to have a war when there can be a fair compromise between both parties. But then again people in a country want change, and countries overall want control over each other.

The worst part about the current battle in Gaza is that apart from 600 people dying, a religious month that the residents follow, celebrate and enjoy is all being taken away from them.People are scared to leave their homes and some are forced to leave because their building are being attacked by missiles citing hamas insurgents residing there.

War will not solve any problem whatsoever. It will just wipe out a section of the worlds population, cause billions worth of damage and those who survive will be severely affected on personal level. Is this what the future generation might have to endure. War will ruin us all.


One thought on “War. Is it the only option

  1. The current situation is really sad, don’t know whats happening to this world. Humanity has clearly died even if the world hasn’t. The worst part in all this is all the innocent souls who are being affected. I agree, war will ruin us all.

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