New City, New Country.

Just a few days back i had to take a trip by choice to the city of Cochin in India. A place where i had never gone before let alone that i have never stayed in India for more than 20 days per year. Its been quite the thing of my life for a while that I’ve been visiting new countries or new cities in India as part of a passion that runs through me and dad to go globetrotting. I have visited about 20 odd countries in 22 years that i have been on this planet. Its quite the thing and its been fun rolling every time i went to a new place. Got to see and learn some history of the place and also visit some of the famous places that i had first heard about in my school in history classes. The experience in all was a thrilling one every single time. Different places always brought different atmospheres, different foods and different modes of travel. Language barrier existed but it was not too much that staying there became very difficult.

Cochin was a new territory and well it became yet another city ventured in my home country. Different type of people, variety of food and flavors. The development clearly being seen with the Metro works that were in progress. One of the few Indian cities which beat my impression which i had gone there by. It wasn’t as developed like metro city of Bombay or Bangalore but it was still big enough and close enough to a metro city status. Having Big brands stores like Harley Davidson around and good hotels while keeping the beauty of nature as intact as possible with water bodies and loads of trees. I was quite impressed with the development is possessed and calling it a small city will not do justice. Its improving day by day and soon will grow into a large tourist hub.

As for the countries that i got the chance to visit it was a whole different experience altogether. Europe, Far East so different and so similar too in varied aspects. Turkey Egypt Greece were 3 countries very rich with historic artifacts and locations. Every piece and area speaking volumes of how this country became what it is today. Civilizations evolving on the lands to what it is presently. Even the weather in all these places differed between rains, cold, heat etc. i would say 20 countries brought me 20 different experiences with the lifestyles and people who are the locals there.

So i end with this small note, rather spend the money to go visit other countries than to spend something on short term basis. The experience and memories from those trips are priceless and as valuable as gold.


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