Creamfields 2014

MUSIC, DRINKS, DANCING, SCREAMING and plenty of others things too. If your a EDM lover you will definitely understand what im talking about. If your not then let me briefly explain what i mean. Imagine a concert filled with about close to 3-4000 people, which in comparison to Europe concerts are nothing really. But with those many people and then the music blaring at the highest possible level, the bass so deep that your body vibrates when its played. 2 of the biggest artists in the industry of Electronic Dance Music, Hardwell ( World #1 DJ ) and Afrojack coming and playing for close to 2 hours each is a dream for every EDM lover to witness and experience.

Yesterday in Abudhabi, UAE was no different. These 2 headliners blew the roof off the arena and played some of the biggest hits with a twist of EDM. The people went mental and everyone was enjoying as if it was a never ending party. Drinks and Smoking everywhere but that dint deter the non drinkers and non smokers, all enjoyed as equals and some even enjoyed a bit too much to say the least. The music was off the hook and the crowd was also off their rockers. Me and 4 friends went there and came out after it with an experience which can only be topped in the US or in Europe. This once in a year concert is the perfect ending to a long year that had its twist and turns. With the music you forget all your issues and just go there to relax and enjoy the hell out.
Definitely the best concert i have been to so far ( there’s only 3 to count on ) but for sure the better ones are still yet to come. My voice is gone, body is aching but this is like a once in a lifetime kind of thing and im totally satisfied.


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