Terrorism in the name of religion

The events of today in Peshawar, Pakistan have all but shown the barbaric nature of the people who preach that they are doing it in the name of Islam. I’m truly shocked as to how they could totally ruin the image of a religion and connect the fact that they killed about a 100 odd children,children for crying out loud
to something that Islam as a religion states.This is a complete illusion that they have, for there is no religion which approves of violence, for there is not one religion which will accept the killing of the innocents especially school going kids, some were even writing their exams to further their education.

Today’s event sadly left many families broken and many parents who were forced to bury their children. Dreams of people were shattered in front of their own eyes as this group barged in and just started blindly firing at anyone and everyone. They took hostages but lay waste to a school and its inhabitants.

The fact that these groups around the world: TALIBAN, ISIS, DAESH, Indian Mujahideen, LET, BOKO HARAM, all kill, abduct, blow buildings, planes and say that its all because that is what allah wants.

I know many Muslim people as will the rest of the people, but the damage that is being done to the image of the religion and complete desecration of the values being taught by the leaders and the saints. The worst bit is because of all this terrorism and the Islam religion being degraded by them, Muslim people are starting to fear for their lives and having very strict international treatment by all non Arab countries in the name of “Safety and Security” of its residents. Most Arabs and Muslims with big beards or names like Khan etc are being singled out for extra checks. Its the biggest stance of racism and discrimination occurring and its not even the peoples fault.

Sad that this kind of things happens quite often nowadays and according to one of my friend who i will quote :”You have to be a special kind of twisted fucked up person to go around shooting little kids. These terrorists are brainwashed beyond limits. Severe measures against them necessary. Deeply saddened. Fuck terrorists. ‪#‎insolidaritywithpakistan‬”

That above status on Facebook says enough in itself that something needs to be done to dissolve these extremists and return balance and harmony to the world. Every religion is equal and every person is a unique but equal value. No one should be treated differently and no one should resort to violence.


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