2014, The best year since 2010

2009 is when i had started my college life. Its when i had met some wonderful people and the turn of the year to 2010 was definitely a year to remember.

Fast Forward to this year and as only 1 week remains, looking back i can say it reached the highs of 2010. Loads of activities and loads of travelling and loads of craziness packed into 12 months.

January started with getting a new car for the family in place of a car that served us well for the last 7 years. Following that i took my friends for a long drive(been the only 1 so far) and enjoyed the hell out.

February brought a new experience for me as a college student, for i had the next 4 months to spend at Paramount Computers for Internship in the IT industry. The daily up-down travel by road did take its toll but i met wonderful people and learned quite a bit of things in the industry.

Mar-June had nothing too much apart from a few b-days including dads, also my internship finally ended and my college life finally finished. Thus started the dreaded job hunt. Although a few outings with friends and parties and movies kept the mood up.

Jul had nothing too much of specialty except for the sporting world brewing up its own fun for the fans.

Aug was the month of a very special wedding. Flew all the way to Cochin to attend my friends wedding. Hell of a experience that with the late nights in my hotel room laughing with the brides brother and friend to no end. Experiencing a orthodox Christian wedding for the 1st time was quite a thing, the different rituals and the families running around and trying to keep things tip-top for the whole 2-3 days events. Ended the whole uptight stuff with day detoxing on a boat laughing, dancing, singing, acting, taking pictures for all the memories.

Oct is where it all unfolded and my year really took a turn for the best. Went to India to experience Diwali in India and enjoy blowing crackers with no worry about any authorities coming on my tail. Spent a good month with moms and dads family celebrating the 7-8 days of Diwali celebrations that follow. Also to boot got possession of a property we had bought and invested the hard earned money in.

Nov- Ended up going to a new country as part of dads globe trotting bucket list experience. 1 week in a country quite similar to India, hiking up a 200ft rock, visiting some beautiful temples and learning the history of a country that’s quite mentioned in our scriptures. Came back and helped a friend who’s making his way up the ladder in the media industry with an assignment. Got to learn photography from him as well as see some hotels and tourist spots which are complete offbeat.

December comes and December goes, weather has changed over the course of the month to come down from the sweltering 50’s in June-July to the moderate and windy 20’s which are a godsend. People are rushing around for Christmas as well as new year, while also making plans to best use the annual Dubai Shopping Fest starting from Jan 1 till Feb 1. All in all a wonderful year spent and here’s to hope the next will be even better.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Y’all. Cheers.


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