The big Two Three

A birthday post to start another year of blogging. The big Two Three. My friend said welcome to your first mid life crisis year. Also the year where you separate a kid and a adult. Well technically he isn’t wrong about what he said. Most people consider 23 are the defining year in their lives, but to hell with all that jazz. I still feel like a 18 year old trapped in now a 23 year old body. And why shouldn’t I feel that way, anyways when we reach say 50-60 people say be young at heart, so im taking a head-start *laughs*.

But yes on a serious note this will be the year where I make or break into the working sector. College life has passed off and its time I made my self into a reputed and reliable working man. Will take sometime though considering I am in a country where entry level find difficulty in getting a job.

Also what will be expected of me is to act my age. My personality, body language will all count as to how I market myself to the companies and people around who might have the contacts that can land me a job. But with all this added remodeling I still will not forget that I am indeed a kid at heart. Anyways both have a different place and both should not mix. There’s always a time and place for everything they say and well I have now come to a point where that will hold a higher value.

Still the big 23 is no different from 22 but I will live this year with the hope I make it into the working sector full time and start to build my life for my future.


One thought on “The big Two Three

  1. True Shre, 23 is among the most tuftest and challenging years of ur life, last year was probably the worst year of my life. Really hope ur 23 goes fantastic and u get whatever u want this year 🙂 God bless :*

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