Power of Emotion

Its going to be almost 4 months since i last wrote a blog post. Looks like im running out of things to talk about *giggles*. But regardless this post is probably one of the more important ones to me as I have been learning regarding this particular topic quite a bit in the last year.

Emotions nowadays play a huge role in how we present ourselves profession and how we carry ourselves in every aspect of our life. Whether it be connecting with family members, or be a professional meeting, emotions always need to be in a controlled state. A lot of people have had their good run of things in life ruined by lack of control over their emotions.

Frustration and anger are the 2 most negatively powerful emotions and I am as guilty as the next guy in being incapable of sometimes handling them. I have been told not to let my emotions get the best of me ad also been told not to let these emotions bottle up. But what i have learned in these years whether right or wrong is that if we can handle our emotions well then we are truly on the way to bigger and better things.

I have also learned that sometimes for the sake of preserving something good and keep it in that state its better to not throw off a negative vibe emotional response because if its not physically torturing you to keep the good thing going then under influence of emotion there is no reason to potentially destroy the present state and any future state of that connection by letting negativity creep in no matter how truthful it might be.

Sometimes there is a fine line where we have to decide whether to be truthful and blunt or to just dust it under the rug because its not a big enough deal to be debated or argued at length about. With that also comes the matter of trust and no matter what 1 of the 2 we decide there should always be a strong mutual trust to understand as to why he chose 1 over the other.

So these emotions are very powerful forces that can make or break connections in a matter of seconds and those who can control them well are definitely in a better position to deal with much more dire matters that might come their way for the rest of their life. Let these emotions not decide the fate of your relationships, associations, decisions etc. Make yourself the person in charge with a calm collected frame of thought and then get on with your work.


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