The neverending Job-Exp conundrum

Its always the fear of a graduate be it bachelors or masters. Getting a job in this 7 billion population planet is getting tougher by the day. Competition for places is increasing and most manual labor is being replaced by machines. We always believe machines are better at productivity than man and that is pretty much true in most cases.

Thus comes the main point which is the title of this post. Its a cycle that never has an end. A sort of an infinite loop in scientific terminology. For getting a job you now need some experience in your kitty but to get that you need a job. It confounds the best of graduates as to how will they get job and experience when both need each other and when you are fresh out of college experience is the at the minimum.

Staying in the Middle East one thing is quite certain, If you are a fresh graduate and you have not had at least 2 years of experience in working for any company, your chances of getting a permanent job are close to nil. One way to get a starting job is try the roulette wheel of Linked in or other recruitment agencies. Other ways include either ‘vaasta’ ( meaning internal contacts to fast-track the hire) or to hope your college has tie-ups to get you started.

I am not even going to talk about the conditions in India because it is at least 100 times more difficult because of stiffer competition and not to mention marks play a major role there. But yes you do have a better chance there to get a job if you academics meet the criterion of the hiring companies there.

The only other way out to get experience is to hope to land a part time/freelance job which may not pay or give visa or any things of that sort but can be added to your CV. But those also are not really a luxury. So i will say to current and future graduates , start searching jobs early, go for as many certifications as possible and always keep yourself ahead of the job hire game. Getting a job is becoming a rare luxury with the advancements in technology so get in before its too late and prove yourself to be the best to secure your future.


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