Walk down memory lane

So this is my 1st post in over 6 months. I have started a Masters course that will take about 2 years to finish and still looking actively for a job. According to the stat page of my blog this is going to be my 100th post so that’s a milestone as well.

Nothing better to mention in my 100th post than the memories of my young days. I came to Dubai with my parents when i was just 3 years old back in 1995. Today about 21 years later i have spent pretty much my entire life in this city.

Today i stay in an area called Karama which has been my home for the past 17 years (1999-present) and while being out with my best friend last night i happened to show him the 2 most important buildings to me in the city of Dubai which will always bring back the fun memories of my young days.

The place called Satwa will always be stationed deep in my heart and i will forever remember my experiences staying there. Stayed for no longer than 4 years(1995-1999) due to a lot of minor issues with people and their behaviour and the community as a whole while also my growth resulted in the need of a bigger house eventually.

But regardless of those minor issues and regardless of how the people and community was in general, i still love that place till today and i still had fun memories to remember from there. Not too far away from my current house, probably just a quick 10 min drive that area was my 1st experience of this city called Dubai which is considered paradise by many around the world for many reasons. Staying in this city for 21 years i have seen its growth from a quiet and simple city to a metropolis its become today.

Yesterday after watching 13 hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and later filling our stomachs with a good dinner in Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant we passed Satwa on our way back home. Seeing that today was anyways a weekend i decided to show my friend the 2 locations that still hold importance which were: The house that i stayed in and also the small villa where my 1st school used to reside.

Looking at those 2 particular buildings reminded me of how i used to wait for the bus and also reminded me of the hyperactive person that i was back then. Showing it to my friend and telling him more about the area and the 2 buildings in general brought back a lot of joy. My school was and still is called “Apple International School”. Today it has a building campus in another part of Dubai but there is a nursery called The Apple Nursery which takes up the villa where my old school used to be.

I was in that school from KG till 5th grade when i was forced to look for a new school due to that school having limited space enough to only operate classes until 5th Grade. Today the same school has the full 12 or 13 years schooling years quota in its newer bigger campus.

After going back to those 2 buildings last night i cannot put in long form as to how many of my memories are attached to those. There are some that i remember and those that i may have even forgotten over time. The distance between my house and school back there was a mere 5-10 minutes. I met a whole lot of people in that area and in that school and today i can only assume all of those people are doing well with their lives. Some names and faces i remember and some i don’t. Time changes a lot of things but the few things it dint change so far is that both those buildings still exist exactly where they were when i left and the vibe that comes whenever looking at them will always remind me of what things were back then and how things have massively changed in the following 17 years.



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