Goodbye 2016 & Hello 2017

Its the month of Feb and its the year 2017. The last time i wrote a post on this blog was, as my site tells me on Mar 11 2016. From then a lot of things have changed personally and around me.

Where to begin from ?. Lets start with the fact that people all over the world were completely overjoyed at the turn of the year. 2016 was being called a horrible year on almost every social media channel and people were optimistically looking for 2017 to bring in a breath of fresh air into their lives.

Last time i wrote a post Barack Obama was still the US President. Now we have Donald Trump who is running one of the most powerful democracies in the world. The election was one of the most followed and initial feeling was Clinton might win. But Trump came out top and now is in charge USA with his erratic and business minded thinking.

Apart from that 2016 took away a lot of famous personalities away from the world and people all over are hoping 2017 does follow suit but that’s anyways not in anyone’s hands.

Coming to me personally. 2016 was a topsy turvy year of emotions, achievements, career wise etc. Started off with the uncertainty that i will return to my “home away from home” that is Dubai, UAE to continue residing and progressing in my life. That uncertainty changed with admission to Herriot Watt University Dubai Campus in the MSc Strategic Project Management course in a 2 year part-time capacity.

As the year went by it was college routine as usual while the job hunt was still going on. As August rolled around, i got a lucky break on the job front and after interviews and meetings by October i was officially a full-time employed student with a semi-government company that deals with car registrations.

By the end of the year i had completed 2 months of work and my 1st year of MSc and the results were positive on both front. For New Years eve i spent a relaxing evening in a park with family and then watched the Burj Khalifa fireworks while being stuck in the middle of a highway.

2017 rolled in and the first thing that changed was that i sold my 2011 Toyota Yaris which was turning 6 this year and then replaced it with a 2017 Renault Symbol which i took delivery of on my birthday. Close friends were sad to see the Yaris go as there were so many memories linked to it since i got it back in 2010. The new car feels great and being Renault its quite a different feel to drive this compared to my Yaris.

Going into February the Work-Study routine has considerably picked up and focusing on both 100% is becoming slightly challenging but its what i signed up for and i intend to give my 100% to both without 1 affecting the other in a negative way.

So 2017 looks good so far and hoping that it becomes better as the months go on. Time as usual is flying and its already February. Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2017 everyone. Happy New Year.



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