The One Who Always Remained

Generally i pick everyday topics to opine on. Those topics lay out some background to what every young adult faces at some point in his life. But today is different. Today I speak about the one person who has stuck by me since we first met. Being the 9th of May it is his birthday and no better day than to post something about him and for him.

So here goes, rewinding back to 2009 when I joined the Foundation program of Manipal University Dubai in order to take up engineering little did i know that the person named Ritesh would eventually today be one of my closest friends and we would make a truck load of memories. Its been 8 years since i know him and while many people have come and gone, hes one of the few that stayed behind.

Hes been the kind of friend that people wish to have. When you need him hes always there to help. Whether it be studies or life he has and will always try to be there for me. I have taken a lot of advice on how to deal with various aspects and today I am a better person mostly thanks to him. After my parents he was the company that I have always had and hes the one I could always count on.

Me and him are not so different really. Although we hail from different parts of India that does not bring about any differences in us. We share the same hobbies that is Movies, Football, Cricket, Gaming. We support the same countries in Cricket (India) and Football(Germany) but in English Premier League we support the rival clubs (Chelsea and Man United).

Today i share a dedication post to him because hes been a gem of friend and I couldn’t thank him enough for being there when I most needed someone to give me a direction in life. Our hobbies bring us together and our rival supporting clubs bring out the best in banter and jokes on each other. We always set out to make the most of our lives, friendship and always create some memorable moments everytime we meet.

So here’s my toast to you Ritesh Menon. Friend. Family.

Happy 28th B’day Brother.

“We Ride Together. We Die Together”.


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