2017- Year in Review

Today is the final day of a long but eventful year. I could say this has been one of the best years i have had in recent times. Lots of positivity throughout the year and got rid of most of the toxicity that was hovering around last year round.

The following are the things i distinctly remember from the year:

  • New Car- Renault Symbol

My year started out with a bang as my dad got me a new car. 5 years of driving a Toyota Yaris and a change was much needed. In came the Renault Symbol. Those 5 years in that Yaris was something to cherish. All the memories made with that car is something that might not ever happen again with any other but lets see what the future holds.

The new Symbol is a charm after 1 service and 11 months of running. Taken it on short and long drives while the fuel economy is not as good as Yaris atleast its more spacious and on top of it loaded with features that the Yaris did not have.

  • Jazirat Al Hamra- Long Drive 

This year we decided to go to a somewhat deserted village called Jazirat Al Hamra which is in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. So me and my friends went for a long drive to that place in the dead of the night. An overnight drive to see what the town was about as it was rumored to be haunted of sorts. After that we event went to a palace that had stories of ghosts attached to it. We couldn’t go inside but nonetheless its something we will do in 2018.

  • Go Karting- Dubai Autodrome + Al Ain Raceway

This was a year of trying a few new things. The first of them was Go Karting on a full scale level.

The Dubai Autodrome outdoor track and karts was perfect to have the first experience and I personally managed a good amount of laps for both the times in the year that we went.

  1. Day Session 7 laps at a best time of 1:34:616
  2. Night Session 8 laps with a best time of 1:28:306

The 3rd visit of Go Karting was done in Al Ain Raceway. This one was a much better setup with 2 different track layouts. 1.6 km international circuit and a 1.2 km Indy circuit. We took 3 sessions at a stretch which meant 45 mins of Karting. We also got to use both track layouts and also there were 2 different powered karts of 9 HP and 13 HP.

  1. The 1.6 km Intl circuit on the 9 HP I managed 7 laps with a best time of 1:56:449.
  2. The 1.2 km Indy Circuit with 9 HP I managed 9 laps with a best time of 1:29:169

Since the race manager saw that me and my friends were pretty decent he decided to give us a choice of track in the 3rd round and also upgrade us to the 13 HP karts which were much more power packed.

We chose the 1.2 Indy Circuit with the 13 HP karts provided and I clocked in 10 laps with a best of 1:19:995.

  • Archery Tag- Flip Out Dubai

I distinctly remember doing a little bit of archery in Genting Highlands Malaysia on my Far East Trip back in 2009. It was a small attraction of trying to hit targets with a given set of arrows. I learned a new thing back then and after a little bit of research and also mentions on social media about it, me and my friends decided to go for it one night. Flip Out Dubai is the place which had a Trampoline Park as well as the Archery Tag. It was a fun filled experience in trying to shoot arrows across a large field. Its a tough thing to do to get the required power to allow the arrow to fly that far but nonetheless after continuous attempts i managed to get a few to travel. Although i couldn’t tag anyone because i wasn’t fast enough to load up and shoot compared to others who were playing with us. Overall a fun activity with a large group of people.

  • Education and Profession- Heriot Watt + Tasjeel

In these 2 aspects i feel i had a very good year even though my final semester of masters did not go as well as i wanted. So coming to it I have managed to finish off all the semesters of my 2 Year Part Time MSc Strategic Project Management course at Heriot Watt Dubai and just waiting on the results of the final semester so that i can continue onward to my dissertation and attain that MSc degree that i have worked hard for. Its a journey that started in Jan 2016 and hopefully by this time next year i will be a MSc graduate.

On the work front i had a milestone completed of 1 year of full time professional work experience. Tasjeel Al Barsha has been fantastic as a place to work in. I have met some lovely people and also with every day more and more people from the company know who I am and like the work ethic I have which should help me in the coming years. This first year has been full of different experiences at work. I work 6 day week and have 3 shifts to fit into depending on requirement. The morning shift, middle and night shift all have their own ways of adjustment required as the traffic flow is different in each shift. The most taxing is the middle as peak traffic hours means loads of cars come in for testing. Morning and Evening also get tiring but come with a couple hours of slow down 7-9 am and 8-10 pm respectively where we either close our VIP line (Evening shift) or where customers themselves don’t choose our service (Morning shift) since lanes are empty at the early hours.

  • Travel- Georgia

On the travel front I got to visit a new place this year in Europe. It adds to the ever growing list of countries visited which now add up to 21 countries and counting. Dad’s interest in globe trotting since the early years of my life has imprinted on me as well. I always look to travel to new countries and me and dad spend a couple months each year debating on where to go and what to see next. Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia and South Africa are on our radars for the coming year and hopefully one of those we shall end up in. Meanwhile this year I ended up going to Tbilisi, Georgia. It was a short trip for 4 days and my what a wonderful place it was to see. Gudauri was the best to be since it was the snowy mountain Ski resort and with the low temperatures it was an absolute treat to go. Although we missed the snowfall by a couple of weeks nonetheless it was a good trip with the family.

Apart from the above I made some more new friends of which a couple have become regulars over the last couple of months. An addition to my core group (Ritesh and Stan) who i have had since the 1st year in my Bachelors University.

The below is a list of other things that i did which were just some things throughout the year:

  1. Late Night Chai sessions
  2. Late night Uno Sessions
  3. Drinks at bars
  4. PS 4 Gaming at home
  5. Change of Phone from Sony Xperia to Nokia 8
  6. Trying out new eateries (Last Exit, Wingstop, Indian Summer)
  7. Football nights with Ritesh (EPL, UCL)

So this is pretty much my year in review. While most people are busy Instagramming, Snapchatting their reviews I decided to go the old fashioned way of long form writing. Here’s to hoping that 2018 will trump this year in an even bigger way and from here on in there will only be more positivity and less toxicity.

Happy New Years folks and have a good year ahead. CHEERS!!


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