Life is never easy.

Last couple of days I have been filled with thoughts about how the world has changed since the early days of my life. The world has changed, the people have changed, the mentalities have changed, the priorities have changed.

The world filled with 7+ billion people out of which about 70 odd million are refugees who have no place to go with countries passing it to each other to take them in and give them a home. Economies are fluctuating which is making life difficult for more and more people. Certain places are becoming too expensive to live and home countries are becoming more and more unstable in various aspects to go to back to.

Observing everything in and around me, I wish life was as simple as it was when I was in my younger years. Back then mentality of living was simple and it was much easier to be happy with even smallest things life had to offer. Today life has become too complicated to live out because the mentalities of people have changed.

Today mental health is taking a more prominent role in a persons life. Things to do with job, relationship, money, house, family, residency, education have become from part of life to a daily headache. Day by day thinking about those things are consuming the lives of people and also affecting them mentally.

I only sit and wonder why is that people have forgotten how to live. Why is that one failed semester/year in school/college, one failed relationship, one failed job etc has become such a knife to the heart that people forget they have many more years to live and more chances will come.

It is even more difficult to tell people to survive, fight and move on from the failures because the instant response these days is that ” you wont know because it hasn’t happened to you yet”. All those people who have borne the brunt of failure will look for empathy from their family/friends/colleagues. But how much empathy can one person really show. There’s a limit to when it goes beyond common sense to continually try and empathize.

LIFE IS NEVER EASY. It was never meant to be easy. There will always be ups and downs in a person’s life. But the people who will stay and fight it out will have a “light at the end of the tunnel”.


Apart from feeling bad for the people who experience the failure, i feel even worse for  those people who are trying their heart out to support these guys. The supporters are trying their level best to show the suffering that there is more to life than just that one bad event.

I have maintained from atleast the last year or so that there is more to life than one failure. A failure will not define the rest of your life. For that to happen you have to learn to bounce back and go hard once more. It cannot be done alone and with the right people by your side you will get all the help and support you need in any possible way to get back up and fight again.

Then again saying all those things are easy especially if I haven’t been on the receiving end right ?. Well that’s the mentality I wished people stopped having and instead focus on the effort being made to help the person get back up.

I wish it was easy to say : Just **** it and move on. But it isn’t. Life never has and never will be easy. But the real satisfaction is when you beat all odds and hit all the curve-balls life throws at you out of the park. Then you can finally say that you have truly lived.

Never give up. Never TAP OUT.


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