The World is Changing

As a 27 year old millennial I keep seeing that the world as we know it is in a process of constant change. Most of the things today would be different or would not be existing at the time our parents were kids. Technology back then was also much more different and not so easily available to the common man.

There is a lot of change going on in this world and with that there’s more and more things that need to be understood by people. Thinking, mindsets, behaviors are changing and what used to be the norms before are no longer valid today.

In terms of jobs the unemployment rate is on the rise worldwide and there’s no stopping that rise. Lots of students are graduating every year and its adding to that unemployment figure. Factors like use of advanced technology, companies making losses, its becoming harder to settle into jobs in the long term. Compared to our parents who stayed in a job for 10-20 years, today’s candidates are hardly lasting 5 years in 1 job due to either company issues or personal issues.

In terms of living the costs have gone through the roof in most countries. With most countries having tax as a staple in the economy the salaries are nowhere close to reflecting the amount each household has been forced to fork out to sustain themselves. Inflation is real problem in this world and its only because of the large population and less resources.

In terms of technology the world is really advancing to make things better. Phones are evolving, calling and data packs are becoming cheaper. Connectivity has increased quite a lot in the last few years. In medicine there are lots of advances and diseases which could not be cured back then are now being cured. Energy saving has become a big thing since people now have realized that saving the planet is important since we don’t have another planet to live on. Recycling has taken a big role for each country as we try and recover/save whats left.

Other issues like war, pollution and terrorism is shaping the world on a regular basis. Countries fighting each other for land, terrorists causing chaos so they can dominate and take control. Money being thrown around for nuclear arms and to beef up their forces. Peace in this world is becoming harder to achieve with the constant clash of egos, ideas, religion, race etc.

The mindsets of families are changing about how to live. What our parents did in their time is so much different to how we perceive our life to be. Marriage, religion,tradition has all become a clash of thinking between generations. Even education for that matter.

In terms of education the thought processes are changing in most places. Back when a Bachelors degree was considered enough and a Masters degree was considered elite enough to get a job, in today’s world there are many people with both + in some cases PhD who might not be having a job. That is more to do with either the person not having enough experience in the field coupled with the fact there are others who might be like him/her but maybe have that little extra like certification courses etc to boost their position in the race. Today the companies are focusing less on the studies and more on the hands on experience. Job requirements come studded with 5+ years experience for most jobs as employers are looking for ready made solutions instead of doing that extra bit to train a fresh graduate.

Travel is another thing that’s changed a lot in the last few years. More and more people are now taking to the air for travelling as its the fastest route even though its expensive. For people who can now afford it, air travel has become a staple method. Gone are those days of using buses and trains. But still majority of population use those means just because maybe they feel more comfortable with it or that they cannot afford to burn their account in travelling by air.

Looking at the world right now and considering the rate at how its evolved/changed, I can safely admit that I don’t even know 25% of what the world is about. Inspite of travelling to about 20 countries, there’s a lot left to learn about those places and the people who live there. Each country and its population has different mindset and a different set of rules/processes.

At the last the only thing left to be said is that the as generations pass things will keep changing and its about understanding and adaptability when it comes to living the life till the end. It was different back then, different now and will be different many years in the future.


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