In the End it does really matter

Yesterday Chester Bennington suicided in his house in L.A County. A front-man singer for Linkin Park. The band who I started following since I was kid. The band famous for Nu metal and Rap with Rock fusion will never be the same again. In fact it might just signal the end of the band as we know it.

He was one hell of a singer and his suicide sent shock-waves throughout the industry with everyone sending their sadness at his passing. Just before he decided to take his life the band released the video of “Talking To Myself” from their new album “One More Light”.

His singing was what attracted me towards Linkin Park and their songs always had a sense of meaning starting from the 1st album Hybrid Theory till the latest One More Light. Tracks like Numb, Points Of Authority, Breaking The Habit, In The End still get played by many followers and fans around the world even today because that kind of music was just something else.

It only goes to show that money and fame mean nothing when you are psychologically conflicted and depression and personal issues eat you up. For what could have been a few more albums and few more gems from Chester himself, now its all gone in a flash because he wasn’t at peace mentally. The fans are all “Numb” from this news and “In The End” this particular news matters way to much to the millennials who grew up on Linkin Park music.

From 1999 to today they released 7 main albums and 2 Remix Albums and I listened to songs from each and everyone of them. I had a small wish that one day I would get to see them live on stage with Chester belting out the vocals and Shinoda rapping it out. They did visit the UAE twice when i was in school and i missed them on both occasions. Alas I don’t think it will ever happen now because they may not tour anymore and possibly even disband and close the band for good.




Tomorrowland Festival

Love DJs and their mixes. Have some favorites in particular. How about watching them live for 3 days straight in Belgium in the biggest music festival. If your a house/trance or a DJ mixes fan and your favorites include groups like SHM or individuals like David Guetta then you should definitely  consider heading to this place. Tickets get sold out as fast as 9 mins so the eyes should be on the news of when they come for sale. Its the only place where many headliners will come and play together and entertain the 200000 strong crowd that is present there. Don’t believe me then here’s an excerpt taken from Wikipedia for the 2012 festival. Look at this and then decide whether you want to go there or whether you want to go there because if you certainly love DJs and their music this festival is the place to be.

Year Attendance Date Headliner
2012 190,000 July 27–29 David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Skrillex, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Nervo Twins,Hardwell


A nice track but the one line that catches on to me is that “these will be the years”. As long as your young enough you can only work and enjoy so much, so in a nutshell as the line says these are the years to enjoy and work. Once we go past those set of years and head into senior citizen section we wont be able to freely enjoy because of health and physical limitations that get added to our body due to older age. So if your still one those younger people out there have as much fun as you can in this lifetime who knows whether you will get a second chance to do it all again somewhere in the future.

Parkour: The art of free running

The other day i was scanning the website of my local newspaper and i read an interesting article and saw a video too of Ryan Doyle the legend of Parkour. In the video and article he talks about what Parkour is and how it has been incorporated in his life. At that instant i switched to  YouTube to watch more videos on this art and i was amazed at how he has done Parkour almost around the world even the great wall of china!!!.

I watched so many videos of his because it was such a different and interesting activity that actually any human can do any time. Instead of walking in a monotonous fashion one can do Parkour and well it becomes his exercise regime as well as a fun activity.  I was very intrigued by the moves they did and how they must have prepared and other intricate details. At this point i’m eager to learn the art of Parkour because it can bring a different dimension in life and make us see life in a different way. One of the things you definitely will not see everyday is a man who is running and jumping in different styles with the different obstacles that are around him. Also the fact that any obstacle can be used be it buildings railings etc. The video really got me into this and i did a little more research and found that they do hold classes for Parkour in my city.

Its definitely a must try actually, because it is actually a healthy way to move about and also the body gets into motion and exercise is also done.