The big Two Three

A birthday post to start another year of blogging. The big Two Three. My friend said welcome to your first mid life crisis year. Also the year where you separate a kid and a adult. Well technically he isn’t wrong about what he said. Most people consider 23 are the defining year in their lives, but to hell with all that jazz. I still feel like a 18 year old trapped in now a 23 year old body. And why shouldn’t I feel that way, anyways when we reach say 50-60 people say be young at heart, so im taking a head-start *laughs*.

But yes on a serious note this will be the year where I make or break into the working sector. College life has passed off and its time I made my self into a reputed and reliable working man. Will take sometime though considering I am in a country where entry level find difficulty in getting a job.

Also what will be expected of me is to act my age. My personality, body language will all count as to how I market myself to the companies and people around who might have the contacts that can land me a job. But with all this added remodeling I still will not forget that I am indeed a kid at heart. Anyways both have a different place and both should not mix. There’s always a time and place for everything they say and well I have now come to a point where that will hold a higher value.

Still the big 23 is no different from 22 but I will live this year with the hope I make it into the working sector full time and start to build my life for my future.


2014, The best year since 2010

2009 is when i had started my college life. Its when i had met some wonderful people and the turn of the year to 2010 was definitely a year to remember.

Fast Forward to this year and as only 1 week remains, looking back i can say it reached the highs of 2010. Loads of activities and loads of travelling and loads of craziness packed into 12 months.

January started with getting a new car for the family in place of a car that served us well for the last 7 years. Following that i took my friends for a long drive(been the only 1 so far) and enjoyed the hell out.

February brought a new experience for me as a college student, for i had the next 4 months to spend at Paramount Computers for Internship in the IT industry. The daily up-down travel by road did take its toll but i met wonderful people and learned quite a bit of things in the industry.

Mar-June had nothing too much apart from a few b-days including dads, also my internship finally ended and my college life finally finished. Thus started the dreaded job hunt. Although a few outings with friends and parties and movies kept the mood up.

Jul had nothing too much of specialty except for the sporting world brewing up its own fun for the fans.

Aug was the month of a very special wedding. Flew all the way to Cochin to attend my friends wedding. Hell of a experience that with the late nights in my hotel room laughing with the brides brother and friend to no end. Experiencing a orthodox Christian wedding for the 1st time was quite a thing, the different rituals and the families running around and trying to keep things tip-top for the whole 2-3 days events. Ended the whole uptight stuff with day detoxing on a boat laughing, dancing, singing, acting, taking pictures for all the memories.

Oct is where it all unfolded and my year really took a turn for the best. Went to India to experience Diwali in India and enjoy blowing crackers with no worry about any authorities coming on my tail. Spent a good month with moms and dads family celebrating the 7-8 days of Diwali celebrations that follow. Also to boot got possession of a property we had bought and invested the hard earned money in.

Nov- Ended up going to a new country as part of dads globe trotting bucket list experience. 1 week in a country quite similar to India, hiking up a 200ft rock, visiting some beautiful temples and learning the history of a country that’s quite mentioned in our scriptures. Came back and helped a friend who’s making his way up the ladder in the media industry with an assignment. Got to learn photography from him as well as see some hotels and tourist spots which are complete offbeat.

December comes and December goes, weather has changed over the course of the month to come down from the sweltering 50’s in June-July to the moderate and windy 20’s which are a godsend. People are rushing around for Christmas as well as new year, while also making plans to best use the annual Dubai Shopping Fest starting from Jan 1 till Feb 1. All in all a wonderful year spent and here’s to hope the next will be even better.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Y’all. Cheers.

Terrorism in the name of religion

The events of today in Peshawar, Pakistan have all but shown the barbaric nature of the people who preach that they are doing it in the name of Islam. I’m truly shocked as to how they could totally ruin the image of a religion and connect the fact that they killed about a 100 odd children,children for crying out loud
to something that Islam as a religion states.This is a complete illusion that they have, for there is no religion which approves of violence, for there is not one religion which will accept the killing of the innocents especially school going kids, some were even writing their exams to further their education.

Today’s event sadly left many families broken and many parents who were forced to bury their children. Dreams of people were shattered in front of their own eyes as this group barged in and just started blindly firing at anyone and everyone. They took hostages but lay waste to a school and its inhabitants.

The fact that these groups around the world: TALIBAN, ISIS, DAESH, Indian Mujahideen, LET, BOKO HARAM, all kill, abduct, blow buildings, planes and say that its all because that is what allah wants.

I know many Muslim people as will the rest of the people, but the damage that is being done to the image of the religion and complete desecration of the values being taught by the leaders and the saints. The worst bit is because of all this terrorism and the Islam religion being degraded by them, Muslim people are starting to fear for their lives and having very strict international treatment by all non Arab countries in the name of “Safety and Security” of its residents. Most Arabs and Muslims with big beards or names like Khan etc are being singled out for extra checks. Its the biggest stance of racism and discrimination occurring and its not even the peoples fault.

Sad that this kind of things happens quite often nowadays and according to one of my friend who i will quote :”You have to be a special kind of twisted fucked up person to go around shooting little kids. These terrorists are brainwashed beyond limits. Severe measures against them necessary. Deeply saddened. Fuck terrorists. ‪#‎insolidaritywithpakistan‬”

That above status on Facebook says enough in itself that something needs to be done to dissolve these extremists and return balance and harmony to the world. Every religion is equal and every person is a unique but equal value. No one should be treated differently and no one should resort to violence.

Creamfields 2014

MUSIC, DRINKS, DANCING, SCREAMING and plenty of others things too. If your a EDM lover you will definitely understand what im talking about. If your not then let me briefly explain what i mean. Imagine a concert filled with about close to 3-4000 people, which in comparison to Europe concerts are nothing really. But with those many people and then the music blaring at the highest possible level, the bass so deep that your body vibrates when its played. 2 of the biggest artists in the industry of Electronic Dance Music, Hardwell ( World #1 DJ ) and Afrojack coming and playing for close to 2 hours each is a dream for every EDM lover to witness and experience.

Yesterday in Abudhabi, UAE was no different. These 2 headliners blew the roof off the arena and played some of the biggest hits with a twist of EDM. The people went mental and everyone was enjoying as if it was a never ending party. Drinks and Smoking everywhere but that dint deter the non drinkers and non smokers, all enjoyed as equals and some even enjoyed a bit too much to say the least. The music was off the hook and the crowd was also off their rockers. Me and 4 friends went there and came out after it with an experience which can only be topped in the US or in Europe. This once in a year concert is the perfect ending to a long year that had its twist and turns. With the music you forget all your issues and just go there to relax and enjoy the hell out.
Definitely the best concert i have been to so far ( there’s only 3 to count on ) but for sure the better ones are still yet to come. My voice is gone, body is aching but this is like a once in a lifetime kind of thing and im totally satisfied.

New City, New Country.

Just a few days back i had to take a trip by choice to the city of Cochin in India. A place where i had never gone before let alone that i have never stayed in India for more than 20 days per year. Its been quite the thing of my life for a while that I’ve been visiting new countries or new cities in India as part of a passion that runs through me and dad to go globetrotting. I have visited about 20 odd countries in 22 years that i have been on this planet. Its quite the thing and its been fun rolling every time i went to a new place. Got to see and learn some history of the place and also visit some of the famous places that i had first heard about in my school in history classes. The experience in all was a thrilling one every single time. Different places always brought different atmospheres, different foods and different modes of travel. Language barrier existed but it was not too much that staying there became very difficult.

Cochin was a new territory and well it became yet another city ventured in my home country. Different type of people, variety of food and flavors. The development clearly being seen with the Metro works that were in progress. One of the few Indian cities which beat my impression which i had gone there by. It wasn’t as developed like metro city of Bombay or Bangalore but it was still big enough and close enough to a metro city status. Having Big brands stores like Harley Davidson around and good hotels while keeping the beauty of nature as intact as possible with water bodies and loads of trees. I was quite impressed with the development is possessed and calling it a small city will not do justice. Its improving day by day and soon will grow into a large tourist hub.

As for the countries that i got the chance to visit it was a whole different experience altogether. Europe, Far East so different and so similar too in varied aspects. Turkey Egypt Greece were 3 countries very rich with historic artifacts and locations. Every piece and area speaking volumes of how this country became what it is today. Civilizations evolving on the lands to what it is presently. Even the weather in all these places differed between rains, cold, heat etc. i would say 20 countries brought me 20 different experiences with the lifestyles and people who are the locals there.

So i end with this small note, rather spend the money to go visit other countries than to spend something on short term basis. The experience and memories from those trips are priceless and as valuable as gold.

War. Is it the only option

Its the year 2014. There are close to 200 countries (not ascertained to 1 value). Its the month of July which is about to end in a weeks time and for the past month was the holy month of Ramadan for the Muslim community around the world. But look in the news and we see several Muslim regions being shelled or engaging in revolts, riots, shelling neighbors etc. Gaza is a situation most popular at this moment and clearly its gone out of hand. A recent shoot down of a commercial airliner in the war zone area of Ukraine will probably end up instigating more countries to start using the nuclear arsenal they have gathered.The nuclear non proliferation treaty has ensured that the nuclear stock of 189 countries is known to everyone.

So it begs the question, has the world reached a state where a WWIII will be the only option left to sort out all the issues or can there be a compromise found for all the smaller fights that are currently going on. Maybe as Nostradamus predicted there is no avoiding a possible WWIII because such are the current shellings and destruction already happening, its just a matter of time when nuclear arsenal gets deployed and billion or so people get wiped off the face of this earth.

Again a question, what will be achieved. Certainly not peace because there will be land imbalance and borders will be shifted. Why to have a war when there can be a fair compromise between both parties. But then again people in a country want change, and countries overall want control over each other.

The worst part about the current battle in Gaza is that apart from 600 people dying, a religious month that the residents follow, celebrate and enjoy is all being taken away from them.People are scared to leave their homes and some are forced to leave because their building are being attacked by missiles citing hamas insurgents residing there.

War will not solve any problem whatsoever. It will just wipe out a section of the worlds population, cause billions worth of damage and those who survive will be severely affected on personal level. Is this what the future generation might have to endure. War will ruin us all.

Different forms of Happiness

They say that one can be happy for many different reasons. One can find joy in being charitable or joy in getting a lifetime achievement or even the simple joys of life like getting new clothes, car, home etc. Some people are there in this world that find joy in making others happy and they dedicate most of their efforts towards that instead of your own things because well it gives a sense of satisfaction that the efforts brought a smile on someones face.

We can always think about ourselves and get things that make us happy, but when in a group of friends there’s equal sense of satisfaction when you as a person can bring a smile to someone in that group just by purely doing or dedicating something to them. I will admit that i am one of those. I always feel better when i make others feel good or when some effort that i put in brings a smile to their face. Its like a kind of happiness and satisfaction that can be remembered for longer than something i got for myself. 

Yes everyone’s different and so is the happiness everyone gets on a daily basis. Personal, professional, celebratory etc it comes in many forms but the most satisfying is when one makes an effort to bring a smile to another. Also everything has a extreme so as i have learned, its good to think about yourself also in between and not just solely put efforts for someone else. There is a fine line and it should always be on that line rather than on either side.